Terms of Service, Privacy Statement




Old steppe.com is the official website of “Oldsteppe” LLC and its terms of service are governed by the online web site and its purchase.


1.The user has the right to trade and access the web-site by agreeing to the e-commerce terms of service.

2.The products in the oldsteppe.com website are classified as either ready-to-deliver or directly supplied by the manufacturer. Goods delivered to the factory will be delivered to the specified address within 7-30 days after the order is made.

3.The available goods will be delivered to the specified address within 14-30 days of the order being made.

4.The consumer shall be informed that the day of delivery of the goods to the consumer may be delayed for a certain period of time due to the shipment of the merchandise from the factory and the customs and customs activities.

5.In the implementation of this Terms of Service, OldsteppeI LLC (hereinafter referred to as “the organization”) and consumers (hereinafter referred to as customer and subscriber) shall exercise control.

6.The oldstppe.com website is only available for adults and minors and parents can receive trade and services under the terms of service.




1.Electronic commerce characters are owned by “Oldsteppe” LLC  and the trademarks of the trademark are the property of the Brand. It is forbidden to use the logo, the name or any other design of this website for copying, replicating, simulation, or anything else.

  1. “Oldsteppe” LLC is fully responsible for the website’s operation, its safety and the e-commerce users’ confidentiality.

3.The user is obliged to prevent the transmission of any Passports and passwords to the oldsteppe.com system and to avoid any risk associated with it. “oldsteppe” LLC shall not be liable for any damages caused by this obligation or inadequate performance.

4.The user has the right to freely express and send complaints, ideas, new sales and criticisms on the website.

5.The user is fully responsible for the accuracy and reality of the user’s information.

6.Consumers can make purchases at the same time.

7.Consumers can deliver their purchased goods to the official and home address.



1.Date of purchase:

Users can make subscriptions at any time within 24 hours using the eProcurement system.

  1. Order to be Valid and Canceled:
  •  The user must complete and deposit the payment within 48 hours after the order is made.Order will be canceled automatically if the order is not within 48 hours. The canceled order can not be restored and the subscriber will be able to re-order the order.
  • “oldsteppe” LLC will not be liable for any damages if the customer has failed to pay the payment within 48 hours.
  • The customer is able to access and clarify information on the working hours of the working day.

3.Delivery date:

The Spice e-commerce system is considered to be officially authenticated if the order made by a customer is made in a formal account in accordance with specific instructions and forms.

Customer shall subscribe to the registered user’s e-mail and subscribe to the registered mobile device upon request, payment, receipt of the goods.

Within 7-11 days from the day the payment is made according to the order payment, performance, transportation and safety, the goods will be delivered within 24-48 hours after the ordered goods are delivered to the system.

Every customer shall forthwith notify the Force Majeure, public holidays, delayed customs, delay, weather and other delayed delivery of goods.

Exclusive merchandise:

Depending on the type, shape, weight and size of the goods, the order and delivery time may vary. If Customer’s Customs goods are unique, they will be notified, clarified, re-ordered, and delivery conditions.



After receipt of confirmation, customer will receive order information in electronic form. Also, the Specter trading system will deliver the total amount of the order, the form of payment, the name of the payment receiver and the account number, to the Users.

Each customer’s subscription will have a unique order number and can see detailed subscriptions for subscriptions in My Account.

Within 48 hours after the order is made, the user must transfer the payment to the beneficiary’s account. Payment system for transfer and upload